Training represents the main object of I.S.F.I.Ma.'s activity.

It plans and carries out:

  • projects and training courses, updating and professional retraining addressed to the human resources employed in the public authority as well as in small, medium and big companies
  • projects and training courses addressed to professional profiles and/or activity areas aimed at employment
  • individual learning courses oriented to personal and professional growth
  • research, training, advice and placement projects
In order to carry out its training activities, I.S.F.I.Ma. works by the support of public funds from the Region, the State and Europe (European Social Found, POR, PON, Innovative Actions, Leonardo Da Vinci Program, Equal Initiative, etc.).

Its services cover the whole training cycle from the analysis of the needs to planning, scheduling, carrying out, result evaluation, until the final statement of expenses.

Among the others, the distance training is one of the latest and most innovative services. It consists in flexible learning possibilities, which are personalized through web platforms.

Over the years, I.S.F.I.Ma. has carried out projects oriented to training activities which lasted for more than 50,000 hours and involved thousands of employed and unemployed persons.

Apart from the training and didactic aspects,I.S.F.I.Ma. is a specialist in the management ofpublic funds, from the initial application until the final costs statements.

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