How we work

I.S.F.I.Ma. works through the integration between internal skills and experiences and external know-how, in collaboration with experts from the most different areas in the world of consultancy research, training and university.

All the professional resources working with I.S.F.I.Ma. add real and operating experience. For this reason,I.S.F.I.Ma. can provide its clients with a complex portfolio of professional skills and multidisciplinary approach to the development of both employees and organizations.

All the activities are characterized by the pursuit of significant and effective solutions to the clients' different requirements.

The methodological approach is divided into 6 main stages:The methodological approach is divided into 6 main stages:
  • analysis (to assess the needs at both organizational and personal levels, the context, the opportunities and the pre-feasibility of a project)
  • macro-planning
  • verification of the planning idea with the client
  • micro-planning (interventions, times, support materials, monitoring and check tools)
  • carrying out (process/service management, monitoring and verifications)
  • evaluation, results, skills, spin-off

I.S.F.I.Ma. works by taking the following goals into account:

  • Customer-oriented actions
  • Quality and effectiveness
  • Innovazione e creatività
  • Innovation and creativity
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